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Spuntino + Menabrea


Stuzzichino, Merenda, Spuntino… Oh My! More filling than an aperitivo and lighter than antipasto, Spuntino describes a quick bite, a little taste…a nosh (in Yiddish!)

To snack is a universal concept but what it means and how you say it varies as greatly as the flavors one may choose to enjoy! From a Ciccheto in Venice to a P’zle in coastal Ionian Puglia, “a snack” stretches to accommodate local flavors and specialties that excite the palate!
Beginning in Summer 2022, the “Spuntino with Menabrea” series launches across the US and invites our friends to celebrate the art of snacking! Throughout the series we’ll encourage the creativity of regional chefs and consumers alike to engage their taste buds and design their ideal Spuntino to pair with Menabrea Lagers.

Click HERE to learn more about Birra Menabrea and find out where to LOCATE these Italian lagers in the USA!

Menabrea Featured in Live in Italy Magazine

Lorenzo Diamantini, a talented Italian chef and blogger, has created a beautiful dish that pairs Menabrea with Sbirro cheese – both from Biella and a match made in heaven! Click here to read more and try the recipe yourself! Of course make sure to pair it with a glass of Menabrea Ambrata!



Beer Expert Joshua Bernstein Writes About Menabrea

Joshua Bernstein is a Brooklyn-based beer, spirits, food and travel journalist. Over the past 20 years Josh has written for a wide range of newspapers, magazines and websites, including The New York Times, Bon Appétit, Saveur, Wine Enthusiast and Imbibe, where he is a contributing editor in charge of beer coverage. Josh is the author of five books about beer, including The Complete Beer Course and Drink Better Beer. ?

We are pleased to have Joshua’s expert voice help us tell the story of Menabrea, Italy’s oldest continuously-producing, family-owned brewery.  Check out our posts on Instagram at @menabreausa to learn about how Menabrea’s premium lagers are leading an Italian beer renaissance. You can also read and share the whole story at this LINK!

Menabrea on the Web

Check out Menabrea’s website for a ton of information including the fascinating history of Italy’s oldest brewery – the only Italian brewery that has been continuously brewing beer for 175 years! See beautiful photos of the newly renovated part of the brewery and learn more about what it is that makes Menabrea beer simply the best!

Menabrea is a winner at the 2018 New York International Beer Competition!

The 2018 New York International Beer Competition was held in New York on February 11th, 2018.

Out of the more than 600 entries,  we are happy to announce that Menabrea won Gold for Ambrata and Silver for Bionda!